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JANZU - Course of a session

By your side

On the sand, I start by reminding you who the JANZU is for, its benefits, some contraindications and advice so that your session goes as well as possible and that you feel the maximum benefits._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Then in swimming gear, your nose clip and floaters placed, the session in the water can begin. 

You then immerse yourself in silence, a kaleidoscope of colors thanks to the reflections of light in the water, the sound of my footsteps in the sand, surface or immersion movements depending on what your breathing and your body ask. Depending on your needs.


Your treatment ends. You are your new master on board! Discussion, silence, sharing your emotions, ideas... For your greatest pleasure, it is you who decide and feel what seems to you just before I accompany you to revel in a post-treatment sunbath.


It is recommended to plan at least another 30 minutes to relax on the beach before resuming your activities. Of course, the ideal is to take your day!

The effects are felt even several days later. 

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