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JANZU Chinese Medicine - Coping with natures

The JANZU, the city getaway you need! 

The energy facelift: the complement or the alternative in case of bad weather. 

Because these treatments are respectful of Nature: yours (inner) and that which surrounds us all, they are received by adapting to them. Thus, in the event of a lagoon whose water is not perfectly calm, the treatment is postponed or replaced by another treatment in Chinese medicine: the lifting so that you all look good on the beaches or in town. A time for oneself is essential whatever our character, our environment, our profession, our activities and the profession exercised. This "Happy Land" is also for people suffering from chronic illnesses wishing to take care of themselves and get a healthy makeover by improving blood circulation in particular. The radiance of the complexion reflects the inner state of the person. Both men and women are welcome. Athletes also particularly gain a lot by combining their practice with natural water treatment. In a simple way to Reunion Island after a hike for example.

nb: in winter, in a completely exceptional way, the JANZU could also take place in the swimming pool. 

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