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Our history


Healthy Life Designer was created to accompany you with confidence on this courageous and powerful path that you dare to take towards the discovery of yourself. Sensitivity, skills, benevolence guide you in this rich and growing experience of harmony in your lives by receiving these treatments.  

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These treatments inspire as much as they soothe. Like a drop of water that joins the wave to become an ocean, the skills and qualities in Chinese medicine transmitted in particular by Pr. LIU LI HONG 刘力红 劉力紅 are revealed and optimized thanks to expertise in JANZU© in order to bring you health and deep, authentic well-being. 

Know-how and sensations brought together in an unprecedented way, for you, served in the heart of Reunion Island! 


Helping you discover, receive and spread the energy you need to flourish in the accuracy and respect of Nature. Your nature of course and also that of your environment. Whether human, plant, animal, climatic... Achieving this symbiosis. Your power of action as much as of contemplation. A "Happy Land" to serve a single objective: to guide you on the path to serenity in an innovative and natural way. 

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