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Iris Julia BÜHRLE Dancing beyond borders

Iris Julia BÜHRLE Dancing beyond borders

Janzu - danse aquatique

Lorsque cela ne vous est pas possible de bénéficier de JANZU, d'énergétique chinoise directement dans le lagon, voici une idée afin de continuer à voyager et à danser ! 




"Dance is in my nature", Robert Tewsley says. Fallowing his education at the Royal Ballet School and his career as a Principal Dancer in Toronto, Stuttgart, London and New York, he is nowadays a world-renowned freelance dancer with a very broad repertoire. His talent to empathize with very different characters on stage makes him one of the greatest dance actors of his generation. This photo book invites the reader to discover or learn more about the world of dance and one of its most exceptional artists. 


Iris Julia BÜRHLE studied History of Art, Comparative Literature and International Relations in Stuttgart, Paris and Oxford. She has written numerous reviews, articles and scholarly papers on ballet and is currently working on worldwide seminars about the relationship between literature and dance. 


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